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When a Lightworker Travels...

Hehe in my last post...shift happens, this was one of the first times I openly called myself a lightworker. I have actually always had resistance to the term...first off it was new agey, second off I just thought it was fluff and a term people used in order to validate their need to be high empaths or “sensitives” I am embracing the term on a deeper level of spreading the light energy via biophotons through my energy field and touching those around me. Powerful quantum physics actually. This post is not to discuss being a lightworker is to talk about all the vibrational tools I use when I travel (most important tool that all the money in the world can not buy and that is the mindset as expanded on below)!

Recently, I have had the honor to do some traveling for work...I have always LOATHED airports, EEEK high levels of EMF (electromagnetic fields), lots of individual's energetic fields, weird smells, terrible food and toxic air. Hello fear based programming. Learning more and more that my mind and thoughts create my reality and the space around me, I have shifted things recently when I travel to more of an excitement state and mindset - this is my number one recommendation...change your thoughts, change your vibe, change what you call in to your field.

What am I going to learn in my interactions with all these random people? How can I subtly assist in their healing? How can I anchor in and ground the energies around me so others benefit? How can I amplify my intentions for calling in high-vibe foods and beverages for these long layovers!? Oh my goodness I sound like pollyanna, but I promise you the shift in your mental space will transform what you call in to your own field.

Make your life a living journey. Make it a living Ceremony. Make everything you do, every person you meet, have meaning for personal and global expansion.

Okay, back to my physical reality packing list. I don’t think about the normal things people think about when packing…makeup? What? I haven’t worn that since my wedding in 2016. Hairbrush? Naa, since I have been rockin’ the short ‘do it saves me time, energy, effort and hair product. I focus more on the energetic items I need to make my travel and location a harmonic space. I think about what crystals I need to bring and what oils I want to diffuse. So here we go...

1) Diffuser: I am an aromatherapist and set/setting is so important for hotel rooms. Essential oils are excellent for clearing the space of any juju. I think this is the first think I do when I arrive at a hotel is start my oils going!

2) Divine sole shoe inserts and earth vibrational mats - These babies are amazing. I owned a vibesUP shop in Winston-Salem and I basically travel with about half their product line. These shoe inserts are made of about 20 different crushed up gemstones and they are AMAZING for grounding and centering in your energy...offering EMF protection, grounding, neutralizing negativity and assist in fluid and circulation. BYE BYE swelling. The mats mentioned are large and can be rolled up for luggage and then place on your bed when you arrive at your destination!

3) Earth Runners shoes for when I arrive at my final location. These shoes have copper dots on the bottom you can wear to LITERALLY ground you with the Earth. I don’t like to go barefoot in unknown spaces (unless its bare earth) so these are the next best thing! This helps set your circadian rhythm, especially if this is across time zones, and it also pulls many negative ions from the earth to provide you with much needed antioxidants and release of static energies that interrupt your field when you travel

4) Charging Water Bottle - YES! Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. I am a total water snob. Not afraid to admit it. This is one of the most important things you put in and around your body. VibesUP has a water

bottle with crystals and shungite on the bottom that clear and charge your water so no matter where you are you can shift/clear any non-beneficial energies from the beverages you are consuming

5) Hydrogen Tablets - EXCELLENT for antioxidant support when you travel. I don’t take these every day, but when I need the extra boost because of environmental exposure these babies are awesome!

6) Books - While I am just as guilty of using my phone way too much, I am reminded in a HUGE way at airports that we have lost connection with people around us. We are surrounded by 100s of people and not a one is talking to another. They are all staring at their phones. I try to take a book or two (as they can get heavy) so that I can center my energy and focus on learning something new!

7) Some kind of sacred geometry symbol - okay so now we are getting into the crazy woowhoo...join me for this ride! The conscious mind may not know how to interpret these symbols, but the higher mind does! These power symbols can be very grounding and centering for your energy field. I find that when I fly I can feel very over-stimulated and over the last year or so I notice these geometric symbols bring about a subtle peace to my energy. Some great examples are the flower of life and metatrons cube

8) Crystals - while I would LOVE to take all my crystal friends with me, I typically choose 3-4 of the ones calling to me on that particular morning...usually one for grounding, one for clearing and another one or two for overall balance :) maybe some black tourmaline, quartz, amethyst and green jasper

9) Healing tones - You can find all kinds of AMAZING healing frequency videos on youtube. You can play them and listen with headphones or you can also download frequency generator apps for your phone when you are in flight and can not access the internet. Two common tones that are considered healing are 528 Hz and 432 Hz.

10) Herbal Tea - I will be honest with you, I am a hardcore fan of coffee. However, when I travel, I like to take tea because of the herbal and immune support. Tea is easier to travel with and I can usually find hot water en route

This is just a short list of items that I like to take with me to keep the vibes HIGH!

I find setting up a space when I get to the hotel is numero uno. If you have every traveled with me, you know I have to unpack right when I get to the room and set up my little sanctuary. This creates a feeling of home and "safety" as our primal brains are always seeking safety and security in new settings.

Take some of your rituals and routines with you for your journey. I also travel with a deck of oracle cards for each day's energy. So many fun things to play as you make your way through your trip, whether for work or leisure! Just remember, there are no rules. You do what makes you feel at your highest, brightest, most vibrant self...and just smile at the TSA when you are unloading your pockets full of gemstones and

Here is to safe travels...whether to the grocery store, Australia, or the mountains of Peru!

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