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Kambo is known for its myriad of physical, mental, emotional and energetic properties. It contains over 120 (known) bioactive peptides that stimulate healing on the physical level, and it is a powerful detoxifier. It is known in the Amazon as the “Vaccine of the Forest.” 

Kambo may assist in many modern day "dis"-eases. 

*Chronic Pain *Lyme *Diabetes *Mycotoxin Exposure *Viral Patterns *Cancer *Strokes *Addictions * Vascular Disease*Rheumatism and so much more! 

On an energetic level, Kambo lifts “panema” or negative energies from the body. This is clearing of stagnant or stuck energy as well as low emotions and mood. On an energetic level the frog assists in: 

*Removing energetic blocks *Releasing/Clearing old patterns *Manifesting abundance  *Increased Vitality 


Kambo is an incredible and transformative therapeutic if applied properly. It is a powerful animal medicine and purgative, the intense effects last about 20 minutes. During this 20 minutes, individuals may vomit, move lower bowels and/or have an emotional release.


In my training through Kambo Frog Detox, we received additional guidance for application for specific body and energetic blockage patterning. A medical screening and discussion is required before scheduling an appointment. 

To receive your information packet and see if Kambo is right for you, please contact Carly Sink, 336-403-6181 or email

For more information on Kambo, please visit:

Pricing: Sessions typically last 2-3 hours in total

$225 Single Session

$550 (3 pack) Traditionally recommended for "inoculation", 3 in 1 moon cycle to peel back the layers

$175 group ceremony (2+ people)

*Kambo dots fade/heal in approximately 2 weeks leaving minimal scarring*

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