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Shift Happens.

Here I sit...sage burning, crystals surrounding me, essential oils diffusing, healing frequencies playing in the background, and I just have to laugh. Have I completely lost it? Or have I finally found myself?

I have been on quite the journey over the years. It started out on the physical plane of needing to heal myself from a lifetime of chronic pain/inflammation/numerous surgeries as a child and the health issues that plagued me for years. This journey has completely transformed from a search for physical healing into a deep dive into finding myself and all the soul fragments I have lost over the years...or lifetimes I should say. I am piecing myself back together. I feel we are all on various stages of this healing cycle.

I see it all around me. I can’t deny it anymore. Something is changing. I am changing. The planet is changing. Holy Shift.

I watch people all around me, almost as if I am in a movie, spiraling UP or spiraling DOWN, it is each individuals right to choose as our thought forms create our reality. In my perception, this is almost undeniable.

We are all facing the subconscious patterns that have been running our lives (in the background) and this year is a massive year of awakening.

I have been into the science of “bioenergetics” for a while. What is quantum energy and how does it trickle down to the physical form that we see as 3D reality? I worked in sales for NES Health and a unique HRV system called the HeartQuest….I saw how powerful subtle energy from various vibrational tools (crystals, sound, color, light, essential oils) can be for healing as I have been exposed to many different healing modalities, devices, products etc. over the years. This has led to a deep passion to learn about all things energy and information related.

I want to preface this next part and say this is all a personal opinion and perception, so please take from it what resonates for you specifically. There is no right or wrong, just a feeling state for each individual and their uniqueness as to what is really going on. I feel like we will understand and know in “highsight”. As hindsight is 2020, right?

2020 is an interesting year. 2020 vision. 2020 clarity. Here we are in February and holy cow what a ride the last two months have been! There has been significant upheaval on the planet. Lots of fear based programming coming up to CLEAR and fall away. I see it as when you are cleaning a room, you have to dirty it up some in order to organize and reset. This reset is taking place on the global/cosmic scale...and WE are all a part of it.

We (as lightworkers, and yes, I finally used that term to describe myself) can assist as powerful beings to ground OUT the old, and anchor IN the new. New information patterns, new photonic energies/information are available to us and we can use them from a heartfelt space for the good of the planet.

We are all part of the biological program of life (like a living system computer), and each of us has our own trauma and gifts that we hold for the collective program.

When there is a massive shift in energetics on the planet whether from schumann resonance changes, solar flares, high density light hitting us from the photon belt, collective trauma/fear, it ALL impacts our bodies. Some are more sensitive vs others, but it all impacts us on some level as our bodies and energetics fields connect us to this massive web of information floating around us (that we can’t see). When these waveforms of energies come on to the planet it has an impact on our energetic body that then trickles down to the physical form. It awakens our latent DNA ancestral memories to release so we can heal, learn, and move forward with a knowing or beingness that we are part of the whole. This can manifest as anxiety, crazy dreams, physical pain, overstimulation, calling in of old patterns to clear, there are literally 100+ “symptoms” that can come along with this awakening of the power within us.

We are in “earth school” at the moment. A state of learning to come back to the “self” as a collective but at the same time as autonomous beings each with our own gifts. These gifts come as the pearls that are being created through the pain/release/growth we are undergoing at this time. These gifts were part of our ancestors' programming, so take time to honor them. They had incredible power and connectedness to not just the planet, but the cosmos and one another as a whole. We are going back in time (as time is not linear) and pulling forth those powers lying dormant within us.

What patterns do you keep calling in? What conversations keep showing up with individuals? What “bothers” you, and what within yourself does that hold? What gifts are starting to pop up for you that you want to explore? I PROMISE YOU. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The Universe/Source/God speaks to us through those we interact with and what we run across in our daily lives. Awakening to these signs, clues, and symbols can be so powerful in amplifying your healing and allowing you to see the syncronycities and gifts in something so simple as a conversation at a coffee shop, a billboard or license plate you run across. The universe is speaking to you if you have eyes and ears to listen.

We are plugging back in my friends. New times awake. Old ways are releasing. Take a moment, breathe. It is all part of the process. We are entering new times and the old ways are no longer working. We are waking up to ourselves. Excited to see what the next 10 months in the year hold. Hindsight is 2020.

Keep your head up. Find a community. Share sacred space. Breathe. It is going to be the journey of a lifetime.

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