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Kissed by a Frog, but I didn't Croak (Part 7)

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I feel all kambo sessions are powerful in their own way. Even the subtle ones can touch the layers. On day two I wanted to keep digging deeper into my heart space. We did two dots on the front and two dots on the back. I was starting to look like I was being cut wide open and bursting at the seams right in my chest! I

Heart Space Kambo

felt like a superwoman. The food, the sunlight, the fresh air, the bare feet, and the beauty of life that was all around me was just flowing through every ounce of my being. I was soaking up the information and the amazing energy of all who were around me.

I was starting to feel my body relax a little more and having much less tension in my neck and back. This second day I had an upward purge again; two days in a row! It is a miracle and I am finally starting to crack this humongous block that was at my core; quite literally. I had felt such a disconnect from my lower to higher chakras and now I finally felt like the energy was flowing again.

The afternoon on day two was pretty cool. We were learning about various acupuncture spot locations for disease and emotional patterns with an acupuncturist who works with kambo, Luke Terry. He has a clinic


out in Colorado. He created an amazing part of our training manual that covers TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) patterns and great kambo-centered advice for treatment plans. I have been testing this at home and it is very powerful! In this educational part I learned of several lung points which began to call me, so I knew I had some additional lines of energy to work through on day three.

As a practitioner, I like to keep the first session traditional and I will usually treat an individual’s upper arm. However, with all my previous study in the energetic body, sacred geometry, and chakras, I was fascinated by the idea that we can open up energy channels or gates in various parts of the body with the kambo.

I have been working with taking some regular clients through various chakras using sacred geometry around those chakras. The results have been out of this world. The sessions vary widely depending on the spots treated. For those looking to let go of addictive patterns, I have worked a good bit with the solar

Beautiful People. Nourishing Food. Vibes are high!

plexus chakra, activating willpower and self worth. The solar plexus chakra is powerfully purgative since it is close to the digestive tract. For these kinds of sessions, I always treat along the spine and not on the front of the body. I will definitely be blogging about this in the future.

At the end of day two we finished off with dinner and a fire. I was hoping to get better sleep that night but alas the sweating and detox continued. I was grateful for the clearing and continued to wake up in pools and pools of sweat. Day three coming up!

Gracias Kambo.

*To learn more about kambo and if it may be a good fit for you, please visit this link or reach out to Carly 336-403-6181*

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