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Kissed by a Frog, but I didn't Croak (Part 4)

I signed up to become a certified practitioner through Kambo Frog Detox. Training was set for late November and the countdown was on! I read EVERYTHING I could find on Kambo. I watched youtube videos and I became fascinated by what was working through the frog.

Everyone’s experience was different, but similar in the fact that it usually propelled them forward in some aspect of their life - literally LEAPING into a new future. The process is painful, but cathartic at the same time. It is an elimination of the “panema” or “hucha” (low vibrational, slow moving, dense energy; read more --> Andean tradition by Joan Wilcox) that has built up over the years. Change your vibration and energy body (thus physical changes result in time), change what you attract, and change the projection of the reality around you. Quite simple in concept, but kambo accelerates the process.

As training got closer I became nervous. Did I make the right decision? This is a powerful therapeutic. Am I qualified? Will people in this area be open to it? Well, I’m doing it. Even if it is only for self application...I am signed up and going to do this thang’.

I pack my bags. I kiss my husband and dog goodbye. I get on the turning back now! I was on a journey to the Frog House in Ormond Beach, FL. It was sunny and warm, which was so welcoming coming

from the NC cooler air. I was happy and ready to dig into all things kambo. I arrived to a beautiful and quaint neighborhood close to the water. What I didn’t realize was that I was stepping into another world at that moment. The house was amazing! There were sacred objects, murals, outdoor shower, hammocks, and the house was set up for some serious nature time! I am a barefoot queen..I don’t think I wore shoes for five days straight.

In the training we went through something called the “Warrior Cleanse”. The training itself was five days but for three consecutive days we were going to work with kambo, learning application techniques, live blood analysis, and how to administer to one another for practice and education. There were three other trainees and a team of great people to assist in various parts of this process; namely Neal and Donnell.

This was my first time working with kambo three days in a row. Could my body handle it? I had taken about a month and a half break from any kind of animal or plant medicine before the training. I knew I wanted to treat some chakra points that were right at the level of my spinal curve. My scoliosis as a child was a severe S-curve. It was 55 degrees to the right, 45 degrees to the left and a 20-degree thoracic rotation, with the curve originating right at my heart chakra. It has caused tremendous pain ever since I was a child both pre and post operatively. I knew there would never be a better opportunity to dive deeply into myself and this sacred space of my heart that has seemed somewhat broken or asleep for all these years. I would be surrounded by educated and experienced people who could help me through this opening process, so there would never be a better time for me to go big or go home.

I’m glad I stuck it out.

That afternoon we spent a good bit of time chatting and getting to know one another. Meeting people at trainings and workshops is always so fun! It usually starts with a shaking of hands in a way. Will we get along

with the other people? Will there be any personality differences that will make us dig into our own shadows a little bit more? Everyone comes from such unique backgrounds. Hearing how people arrived to the medicine is always fascinating, and usually by a unique “series of events” we find what we need and meet people with similar stories and resonance patterns along the way. The Universe will align these kinds of things for you if you are open to it and ready to receive the lessons.

I go to bed with a smile on my face. I made it here and now it is time to dive in!

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