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Kissed by a Frog, but I didn't Croak (Part 3)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I was getting frog figurines as gifts from people. this the Universe giving me signs? I was receiving them from friends and family who were completely UNAWARE of the kambo.

See until now, I was scared to talk about working with any kind of plant or animal medicine. I was afraid there would be judgment and a lack of understanding as to why I felt called to this work. I didn’t want to offend people, especially my parents or sister. I am very very close to my family and didn’t want them to think they had traumatized me to the point that I had to seek these out to heal. I understood that there are generations of trauma locked up in our bodies and I am now grateful for the opportunity to heal this across all timelines and dimensions. Explaining this to people is sometimes hard and uncomfortable, so I did what I knew best...I kept it a secret.

I signed up for my 3-series with Carri, who is now a very dear friend of mine. I look forward to hosting retreats with her now that I am certified. Over the course of August, I sat with the frog

First of Warrior Series with Carri

three times...each time digging deeper and deeper. I still did not have a traditional “purge”. Thankfully, I was no longer attached to the purge. I knew it would come at the right time. I had some “froggy” insights as to why I was so terrified of throwing up. I associated it with cancer. My younger sister had Leukemia when she was three and luckily by the grace of God she survived and is still with us today- Hey Madeline!! This was very traumatic for my family. I was subconsciously connecting the act of vomiting to having cancer and I now knew that at the right time, my body would clear whatever it had locked up for so long. The tissue in my spine would heal and the connection to my brain and gut would be reset; patience young grasshopper.

The 3-series was very powerful and served as an initiation to the medicine. Kambo is an “ordeal” medicine. Each time is different, as our vibrational field and physical body changes moment by moment, minute by minute. You can literally feel the secretion moving through your body into all the cells, the merging of the physical and energetic world. It can be hot, it can be cold, it can be nauseating, it can *occasionally* be euphoric. Each time is so different. I felt the power and I was scared every single time. As I worked with kambo more, I could begin to feel the medicine before it was even applied. I call on the frog now when I need assistance, guidance, or strength.

kambo, frog secretion, scoliosis
Final Session with Carri

I began to consider becoming a practitioner. I had moved my energy work practice to a small room at a new local wellness center, Camel City Wellness, and I was slowly building up my clientele, but I knew there was something more I wanted to offer. What if I could bring this powerful Amazonian medicine to my soul group/collective in this area?

I began the search for a training opportunity. What would that look like for me? Could we afford it (here come my abundance and trust issues)? I spoke with my practitioner and I got a great vibe from her about the training through Kambo Frog Detox. I liked my practitioner’s method and I trusted her judgement that this would be a great group to train under.

I had finished my 3-series over the course of a month. It was now September 2020, I sat with Grandmother and Kambo one more time. I knew it would be my last interaction with Grandmother for a while. I was feeling so good in mind, body, and Spirit that I knew it was time to integrate ALLLLL I had learned about myself over the last nine months, starting with that first ceremony in January. During this

final kambo session (which was done at the end of the ceremony) the practitioner looked over at me and said, “This is your medicine”. She did not know about my work back home with Carri or that I was considering becoming a practitioner. This stuck with me. I had to step into this path. I understood that in order to fully integrate, I needed to bring that new energy into a physical form by taking the next step, as the work truly begins after ceremony.

Through the encouragement of a dear friend and my ever supportive husband, Joel, I signed up. I was going to do it! I am going to become a Kambo Practitioner and bring the blessings of the frog onto my path and we would walk the road together.

Gracias Grandmother. Gracias kambo. May the Journey begin.

*To learn more about kambo and if it may be a good fit for you, please visit this link or reach out to Carly 336-403-6181*

End of a Cycle, Start of a New

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