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Kissed by a Frog, but I didn’t Croak (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I have decided it was time to get back into blogging. I go through phases where the words just flow through me and I feel like I need to get some of this here goes. This will most likely be a series of posts.

If you told me a little over a year ago that I would be sitting in my basement (at the time it was pretty unfinished) administering frog secretions to individuals and assisting them in purging out their physical and mental/emotional toxins, I would have laughed and called you crazy...but here I am, happy as a lark, helping people move through their ‘ish!

My journey with Kambo started a little over a year ago in January 2020...I received it at the end of a Grandmother plant medicine ceremony and immediately felt its power. I was relatively unfamiliar with Kambo at the time. I had heard about it in reading and studying various South American traditions, but the science and mythology behind it was new to me. I felt called to work with it and knew the frog would have some lessons for me.

Oh it had some lessons alright...and I went into it expecting the “purge”. This is the clearing of old toxins, lingering emotions, and “panema” or low vibrational energy. These all accumulate over the years from traumas, unhealthy belief systems, physical toxins, etc. Instead of purging in the form of vomiting, I just felt this power - this RAW power moving through me. I was basically holding onto the floor allowing the waves of energy to move through my body. I was unable to speak; I just laid there and let this unusual substance bless me with whatever it had to bring. It was like the frog was unlocking something in me. I did not vomit, though I did have a significant amount of lower bowel detoxification about 30 minutes post-session, but at the time I did not chalk it up to much. I had so many medicines flowing through me at the moment that I knew I was just getting stuff out - physical, mental, emotional, energetic.

The next couple of days were very interesting as I felt this lightness and clarity in my body. The insights were flowing (as they tend to do post plant ceremony) and I was able to continue to make connections about many subconscious patterns that were playing out in my day to day life that were unhealthy and needed to be reset. I had worked with Grandmother medicine in the past, but never adding kambo as part of the process. I was revived. I was grateful. I began to make some changes in my career and personal life that needed to happen and this somehow seemed to give me the mental and emotional energy to make the changes. Gracias medicinas.

One other side effect that I was not expecting was the start of my cycle. I was 33 years old. For over four years I had not had my menstrual cycle. I tried herbs, hormones, and had basically decided I was early menopausal as in general I physically felt great. Within 48 hours of my first kambo session my cycle came full force. I was in awe. I only had this one cycle but the frog kept calling me for many months to come.

I was kissed by a frog...and part of me wanted so much more.

I knew I needed to take it slow and allow all this new information to integrate into my body. I do not think it is healthy to jump ceremony to ceremony without integrating the new vibration created from the clearing work done.

Gracias Grandmother. Gracias Kambo.

Part 2 to come...

**All of the views and expressions in this piece are from the author, Carly Sink. Please do not try any of these medicines without a very skilled practitioner and performing a very through medical screening beforehand**

*To learn more about kambo and if it may be a good fit for you, please visit this link or reach out to Carly 336-403-6181*

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