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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Hi peeps! I am excited to start this blog. I have been wanting to do this for a while and Spirit has finally led me to create it. I have a deep passion for studying all things energy related.

What is energy? How does it have an impact on our bodies? How are we connected to the Earth and Cosmos and these natural rhythms? What are some tools we can use to assist in these shifting of energies and why is this happening?

I think we live in a very interesting time/space. As the planet shifts into a different resonance, our bodies shift along with it! So super cool!

Most people think about our body in a dense 3D physical form. This is very deceiving. We are multidimensional beings of energy that have manifested into these physical bodies. We are made from billions and trillions of quantum particles that come together and create our own personal song. We are all like little song notes in the UNIVERSE.

UNI=One VERSE= Song. One Song.

Many are waking up. Our DNA and bodies are intricately connected to the Earth’s magnetic field and her rhythms. Imagine our telomeres and DNA like tuning forks that are picking up information signals from the environment around us...not only are they picking UP information they are sending OUT information and we have an impact on the space around us and it has an impact on us.

What we send out, we bring back to ourselves as experiences to define our reality and grow, learn and

evolve based on what our subconscious programming brings to us.

I love studying the science and theories behind why this is happening and I look forward to sharing my musings in the future.

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