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Circadian Rhythms and EMF Hygiene

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

One of my favorite topics is circadian rhythms! I used to have the most terrible sleep/wake cycle. I would stay up and OUT many nights until 2 or 3am, sleep until 11am and rinse and repeat. Thankfully those party days are over and I am back to a normal sleep/wake cycle. I typically get in bed around 9:30 or so and wake up 6am to 6:30am unless I am teaching yoga bright and early....

Learning about circadian rhythms (and why they are important) was one of the single biggest and dramatic changes I have made that has helped me on my path to health. Changing the window of when I eat, getting AM sunlight, blocking evening blue light...and more (see list below)!

There is now a whole field of research growing in circadian rhythms called Chronobiology that looks at so much more than just melatonin release or hormonal rhythms. They look at topics such as best time of day to administer a chemo drug, best time of day to exercise, what effects does blue light have on our health...and so much more!

Center for Circadian Biology CCB Research -

Chronobiology - The Science of Time -

Our ancestors woke up with the sun and went to bed with the moon. They ate with the season and fasted when food was scarce. They were very connected to the rhythm and flow of the cosmos.

With the globalization of food, technology, artificial lights, shoes (yes ungrounds us from the earth) and many other modern day “conveniences” we have become disconnected to these natural rhythms.

These natural rhythms (and earth frequencies) send information signals to our cells to help keep us healthy and energy flowing freely through the body. There is so much great information out there about these topics. I teach local workshops about this topic and EMF hygiene, but I wanted to create an easily accessible list for people to read through.

****This is a VERY short list of ways you can improve your health by starting to pay attention to Circadian Rhythms and EMF exposure****ADDITIONAL RESOURCES LISTED AT BOTTOM OF PAGE ****

Circadian Rhythm Tips and Tricks

1) Wake up with the Sun - early AM sunlight 7-9am (no glasses or contacts preferred)

2) Do not look at your phone before the Sun comes up (eyes see it as artificial Sun)

3) Eat with the Sun and seasons, food local to your environment - don’t eat before the Sun comes up

4) Try to eat your last meal before dark, this way body can move into clean-up mode during sleep (autophagy)

5) Bedtime 9 or 10pm (try no screens 1-2 hours before bed)

6) DARK room at night, blackout/room-darkening curtains if possible, and no lights from devices - get some tape and tape over some of those awful blue lights on some TVs that are on even when the device is turned off

7) Red/Orange lights at night in bedroom, full spectrum lights in places you frequent during the day

8) Blue light blocking glasses when the Sun goes down, and if in office with no natural light- you can find some daytime glasses through companies like BluBlox and RA Optics. - I particularly like the brand RA Optics (stylish but a little more pricey) and then when I am at home alone and no one can see me except Joel and Ziggy I will wear my UVEX as these are cheap but they also provide great coverage on the side of the eyes

9) No sunglasses if possible, may have to work your way up to this, obviously be careful if you have previous eye issues

10) Grounding/Earthing barefoot on the earth, try to do this as much as possible away from high EMF areas (not close to cell towers or lots of power lines) - this allows the body to pull up healthy ions from the earth

Imagine your body like a battery, you plug your feet into the earth and then take in energy from the Sunlight allowing that charge to flow through you :) (even our skin is a photo/light receptor)

11) No smart trackers/bluetooth devices (fitbit, smartwatches, wireless headsets, etc.) - Seriously - do some research on this! Think about all those blood veins right at your wrist getting exposure to the unnatural light on the inside of the band...yikes!

EMF hygiene around the house

(will do a more in depth blog about EMFs at a further date)

1) Make sure bed is not backed up to office with wifi, breaker box, or any major household appliance

2) Turn wifi off at night - hardwiring is even better but not always possible for peeps

3) Cell phones at least 10-12 feet away from bed, turn bluetooth and location off

4) All electronics (even alarm clock) away from bed

5) No TV in bedroom

6) Tablet and computer away from your digestive system, can disrupt your microbiome

7) Check house for smart meter

8) No metal spring mattress

9) Try to limit microwave use

10) Ground your computer if you see it is only 2 prong

11) Test outlets to see if they are grounded (not all 3-pronged outlets are grounded)

Cell Phone Hygiene

1) SPEAKERPHONE as much as possible

2) No bluetooth devices on neck or head

3) Avoid use when reception is bad - actually has to search harder to find towers

4) Use talk to text

5) Do not keep it on your body throughout the day, try at least 3 feet from you

6) If using it for an alarm clock, try placing it on Airplane Mode - this will disconnect the phone from data and cellular signals while you sleep

7) EMF harmonizing tags for phone → Some great ones at VibesUP (search EMF harmonizing)

8) Turn location, bluetooth, and mobile data off when possible

9) Connect to local wifi and turn off data when browsing the internet or using apps that require data connection.

10) When using mobile hotspot, don’t forget to turn it off

11) TWILIGHT/f.lux to turn screen more of a red color. These are both downloadable APPS.

12) Iris Tech for computer - changes light patterns throughout the day

Additional Healthy Habits and Rituals

1) Salt room/cave (these are popping up in many cities)

2) Epsom Salt and Baking Soda Bath - replenish magnesium stores, baking soda helps with detox and radiation exposure - 2 c epsom salt 1 c baking soda - Vibrational Clearing Baths

3) Qi Gong or Yoga - both very grounding practices can help reset “circuits” and bio-energetic body, also just great for stress and anxiety

4) Cold Showers/cryotherapy - clearing to energetic body and give mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) a boost

5) Cover skin when in highly blue-lit spaces (i.e supermarkets, hospitals/doctor’s offices, schools, gym facilities, etc.) - our cells all over the body have light sensors, cover up when inside, skin exposure to sun when outside

6) Diffuse lavender and rosemary, body are excellent for autonomic nervous system and impact calcium channels in the body which are impacted from EMF exposure

7) Red Light Therapy

8) Infrared Sauna

9) Open windows when you can to let natural sunlight (and earths frequencies) into your room (or when you are driving)

Books to Read:

Circadian Code by Satchin Panda

Earthing by Clint Ober

Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman

Leptin Rx by Jack Kruse

Podcasts: I am a fan of Luke Storey, Dr. Mercola and Jack Kruse. You can just search for circadian rhythm podcasts.

Additional Resources:

Affiliate Link Disclosure: Be advised that some of the links on these pages are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality, and not because of the small commission I receive from your purchases.

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