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10 Easy Grounding/Integrating Practices

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Whew! The energies on the planet have been intense the last couple of weeks. The vibrations/frequencies of the planet are changing and shifting and that has an impact on our energetic body that eventually manifests into the physical form. We are very connected to Mother Earth and her rhythms. As we enter a new space and time, our bodies are undergoing an amazing metamorphosis on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

Finding ways to ground and center during this time become increasingly important.

Old patterns, memories, habits, trauma are all coming up to the forefront of our conscious to clear (if we allow it). As this happens, it can lead to physical manifestation of symptoms in the body… Feeling ungrounded? Emotional? Tired? Anxious? Lack of sleep? Ear ringing (hello schumann resonance spikes (youtube link with some info -> HERE )? Please do not see this as a reason not to go see a medical doctor, I just wanted to give an idea of some of the symptoms you might be experiencing as the planet moves and shifts...a prediction written by our ancestors for millenia. Pretty exciting actually.

Here are some tips and tricks to assist through this process to clear OUT and ground IN the new energetics. I feel they come in waves but living a high-vibe and resonant lifestyle can be very beneficial as you assimilate the new information patterns coming in.

1) Grounding barefoot on the earth - this can absolutely not be underestimated. Not only is the Earth a source of free electrons, it can help ground out excess static and energy in the body. “Earthing” is a very powerful practice. Try not to do it around any area of excess radiation/wifi/EMF. Think about your body

The irony of finding an ipod cord on a barefoot run...Plug IN to NATURE.

like a battery, the earth is here to support us and our nervous system. PLUG BACK IN. You will also be tuning into the new energetics coming in to the planet so your body can shift and evolve at the same rate.

2) QiGong - yes! Energy movement practices are so powerful at this time to help re-adjust your body to a new state. Clear static, open up the channels/meridians of the body for higher amounts of light to flow through. Imagine them like highways of light. Make sure there are no traffic jams along the way. I’m a fan of the 8 brocades. You can find some of these on youtube --> Link to the 8 Brocades.

3) Essential Oils (recommendations below) - I will speak frequently about essential oils. The plants that these oils are derived from are connected to the earth’s magnetic field (if they are grown organically and sustain-ably). This then allows them to connect in and draw new information from the earth. When you apply them topically or diffuse them in the room around you their vibrational essence can have a powerful impact for grounding you.

Tree oils (think strong/grounded/courage/connecting earth to sky): Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Fir, Cypress

Rooty oils (think rooted/planted firmly): Ginger, Turmeric, Vetiver

4) Salt Bath - how often do we actually take baths anymore? The sheer act of slowing down enough to sit in a tub will be grounding for you...and try to do it without an electronic such as a phone or tablet. The salt (I prefer Epsom/Magnesium sulfate) or Sea Salts. The negative ions from the salt are very clearing for your auric field and the salts also offer a gentle detox when combined with some baking soda. I typically put 1 c salt and ½ cup baking soda mixed with a few drops of essential oil of choice. Lavender is a great option because it is balancing for all the chakras. Add a couple of grounding crystals (see below) and you will have the perfect Bath Soup! (blog to come soon on some crystal baths)

5) Crystals - YES! I am a number one fan of all things crystal. Owning a VibesUP shop has given me a whole new appreciation for the absolute power crystals can have for the body and energetic field. Each one has a unique vibration and energetic signature. VibesUP is unique in the fact that it combines over 20 different raw gemstones crushed up and put under pressure to create a unique piezo infrared energy (image of grounding mat below)! I put many of the mats, pyramids and crystals in my baths! While the mats and bracelets include many of the raw stones, I would recommend some of the more earthy/grounding stones to wear on your body.



Red Jasper

Dalmation Jasper

Rainforest Jasper

Smoky Quartz

Tigers Eye

I will be posting more about stones soon!

6) Grounding music - more and more I am leaning away from mainstream music and tuning in to grounding/healing frequencies and tones. Think about your nervous system as one huge antennae, sending and receiving on both the conscious and subconscious level. Our ancestors used grounding tones for centuries for various healing practices and journeying. There are 100’s of youtube videos that play these healing tones. I am a fan of 432Hz and 528Hz but there are many harmonics that can assist with a better

feeling state in the body.

7) Sacred Geometry - This may seem like an odd one, but hang with me here. The higher levels of the mind work with numerical codes and symbols. When you surround yourself with aesthetically pleasing symmetry it can be very powerful to calm the higher mind that then trickles down to your conscious mind. I feel this is one of the main reasons we are seeing a resurgence of the flower of life, metatron’s cube, chakra symbols, etc. Our ancestors spoke in symbols. You can use these symbols to imprint water and the space around you with more harmonious energies.

8) Cold Shower - as someone who grew up HATING the cold...I have to say I have been embracing it more and more. There is a resurgence in popularity with cryo-everything. Cold showers, cold baths, cold tubs, you name it! While it is excellent for your mitochondria, it is also a good wake-up and snap back into reality! I tend to go through phases when I will do it on a regular basis and work up my time in the cold shower, even just small spurts of time can make a difference! If you are going for a deep plunge, make sure to do your research first!

9) Grounding Foods and Teas - I don’t think it needs to be said... but just in case...healthy high vibrational, organic food and water! This can not be underestimated in importance for these major energy shifts we have been having. Grounding foods such as roots and veggie soups can be very comforting and calming

during this time. Tea is also another great way to shift energy in the body to a more harmonious state. Find some good herbal teas that are not too stimulating...ginger, turmeric, dandelion, there are so many great ones out there!

10) Saging/Smudging - clear it all on out! Smudging is a practice that is becoming more and more common as well. This works on a physical level as it emits negative ions that bond to some of the positive ions in our environment that create static. On a metaphysical level, sage is clearing for any low vibrational energies in the auric field and space around you. Recent studies have also show it has antibacterial properties! Great article here.

These are just a few simple and relatively inexpensive ways to ground and center your energy.

Ultimately YOU have the power within you to choose what you allow to impact you. Take your power back. Nothing is stronger than YOU.

Affiliate Link Disclosure: Be advised that some of the links on these pages are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality, and not because of the small commission I receive from your purchases.

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Carly Sink
Carly Sink
Jan 24, 2020

thanks @marci so glad you enjoyed it!


Marci Jones
Marci Jones
Jan 23, 2020

I don’t think this was meant specifically for me but it sure feels like it was! Thanks Carly for these tips and techniques. Can’t wait to see what you share next! 🤎💚

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