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The song that never ends...

...or do you have the power to stop it?!

Copied from another site I have written some posts on…

We live in a complex biological system, comprised of biophotons, numerical codes, and quantum particles that create our dense 3D physical reality. Think of it like a massive computer (not too far from a matrix reality). We can't always see the coding in the air from our wifi router, but somehow it ends up making sense on the computer screen.

Image from Sortino

Recently, I have been meditating on this idea...many talk about ascension or the transition to a higher vibration.

Perhaps we are rewriting and reprogramming this system that has been in place since the beginning of "time" as we currently perceive it, thus making some very real changes in our physical reality.

So much of what we perceive and translate of our reality is from the subconscious (up to 95%...Bruce Lipton has some great info on this). Most of us have disempowering subconscious programming that we develop as young young children from our family, environment and ancestors. This then runs the program that overlays the ""filters" (shoutout to instagram) in how we perceive situations and the people around us AS ADULTS.

The programming we have deep within creates a resonance pattern that trickles into the field/environment around us...THUS calling back to us similar situations, people and lessons that until we bring to the conscious will continue to PLAY ON REPEAT. a song that never ends.

This can be both 'good' and 'bad' programming, creating these little vortexes of either downward spiraling energies/situations or UPward spiraling energies/situations. ie. things rapidly falling apart or things coming together.

We are all part of this system. As we wake up and clear old 'karma', or in my opinion, old programming stored within our DNA and holographic field, we can consciously co-create a new reality.

Our DNA acts as a signal or antenna to the environment around us, both sending and receiving information. See the ends of it like a tuning fork...

As more and more people wake up and increase the amount of light and coherence in their body/bio-field, this creates a rippling effect out into the larger field of information. Things begin to come into a healing resonance pattern.

This happens on a micro (down to the cellular) to a macro (think governmental and global) scale.

All the events happening around us are a bringing up of OLD ancient patterns that are trying to clear (i'm not going to name them specifically but recently old ugly hate, anger, and judgement is coming out in full force from the media). Do you choose to engage or do you use your power you have to help the collective conscious co create a harmonious, vibrant, new program?!

We make these decisions on a minute by minute basis. Our thoughts(especially those running in the background) are powerful, in fact probably the most powerful thing we have. Don't let anyone that that from you. We are being controlled by our devices (phone, computer, TV), from the EMF, subliminal messaging, and DISinformation from the media. This traps us in a fight or flight/fear based state (autonomic overdrive and burn).

Technology/gaming/coding is a representation of the evolving human mind and it also was necessary in the grand scheme of things in order to spread information. It also has allowed for people to connect the hive mind on a global scale. We had to get here in the technological age to have the vocabulary, understanding, (and science) so we could see the truth that the power lies within each and every one of us via light and quantum particles flowing within and around us.

Become your own programmer.

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

It's up to you to choose the density and pattern you want to play :) it's like the ultimate video game...except the irony is that NATURE IS MORE COMPLEX THAN ANY GAME we as humans can create. We have to get back to natural patterns that come from a higher intelligence one we may or may not ever understand.

We are coming full circle...the emergence of the "new age" where people use crystals, sage, ceremony to release ancestral ties, chanting, sound therapy, meditation. All of these work to move information through the body in a coherent pattern. Nature is wise. We are back to Zero. The beginning. It's our right and honor to choose the path we take.

Time to write a new song. Let’s make it conscious this time.

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

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