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When you speak, you speak spells...

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

When we speak, we become creators of an energetic imprint that ripples out to the environment around us via sound-waves (vibration). There was a cool study published about how sound waves carry a small mass, please see link below.

This vibration could be a "hello" to a friend, question to a co-worker, or blessings to a loved one. It could be the songs you are singing or the words spoken to someone at the grocery store. No matter what the words/sound are, it is all energy and information that we create, thus becoming part of us and the "field" of information signals that surrounds us.

When you speak negatively, always complaining, gossiping or speaking poorly about yourself/others, you create a resonance pattern that is a low or incoherence vibration.

"I'm fat, I'm broke, I can't do anything right"...this will then attract other patterns that are matching the same one you put out (and we wonder why things don't ever change for us).

You speak, and the laws of the Universe bring it back to you. Ever noticed when one friend begins to gossip and then everyone else begins to chime in? This is toxic and it creates a toxic imprint into the field. Thus ATTRACTING toxic energies back to the field around you MATCHES what you put out. Watching what we say about others is very important. I also encourage you to dive into why you feel this way about the particular individual, and what is it mirroring or bringing up within you.

Choosing to think before you speak and allowing those words to come from the heart creates a COHERENT pattern that those around you can feel and sense. People will want to be around you and they can deeply sense inherent truth and "good vibes" literally that you have created. Finding a space of gratitude and speaking about what you are thankful for, from the heart, imprints a coherent resonant pattern that draws back to you situations to be thankful for! Whohoo!

Words are powerful.

When you speak, you speak spells. May they be of love, joy, peace, compassion and understanding!

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