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Time to go virtual...

Wow. What a wild ride the last three weeks have been. I am still just trying to take it in. I have found myself in an interesting place energetically over the last little while and took a break from blogging.

I am in a space of trying to find grace for myself.

As someone who runs her own business, teaches multiple yoga classes a week, creates and blends for DNA Energetics, and is just an overall go-getter, this slowdown has been tough. It is making me and many others, stop, pause, and do some inner work. Why is it so uncomfortable for me to slow down? What am I running from? I think that part is still to be determined as I am making it a goal to think more on this idea. I look forward to taking time for myself over the next month and being okay with the space between.

I am used to a significant amount of interaction, community, and time with others. Thankfully, the internet allows us all to stay connected virtually. One positive thing for me personally is that this has pushed me to create more videos and establish an online presence. I basically had to get over myself and my fear of being on camera. I am slowing down in some ways to take some time for myself, but I do still want to stay connected and help educate people on how they can use natural tools to heal.

I am starting a YouTube Channel: Hi-Frequency Healing -

You will find topics such as essential oil tips and tricks, yoga, meditation, energy therapy tips and more!

I am still shipping vibesUP products, Hi-Frequency Healing Oil Blends and offering aromatherapy consultations online and am working on some other ideas to be announced as they unfold.

If you need to get in touch with me, please email or call 336-403-6181.

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