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LightUP your energy in 2020

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Some thought musings for the day as we move into a new decade with 2020. I have some posts I have written for another website that I am going to share here.

We are entering a very interesting time on the planet, and time full of LIGHT and bringing the shadow forth to be seen.

The "shift" in consciousness predicted for aeons is upon us.

In reality, it has always been happening (as time is a construct on some levels), people are just now tapping back into this energy and feeling/sensing it on a deeper level.

You may have noticed the last couple of weeks have been intense energetically (things falling away and shifting). We are at a solar minimum and we have also had an increase of gamma and cosmic rays which allows these energies to impact us as they can penetrate the atmosphere and thus our bodies easier.

This causes some unique changes to the energetic and physical body (and weather patterns!) as the energetic level eventually translates to the physical 3D form that we see, feel, smell and touch.

Ancestral memories and memories from this lifetime are stored within our DNA...much like a computer stores information. As these energies come in, it causes a change in our cellular resonance and OLD patterns as well as OLD emotions are brought to the forefront (from our subconscious) to be acknowledged and cleared.

You may have noticed you are calling in life patterns that have been on "repeat" (yes, like a record player), and

you are now moving through a time of tremendous growth as you learn to RE-pattern. The energy we put out from our brain/and body acts like an antennae BOTH sending AND receiving information. MUCH OF THE TIME THIS IS ON A SUBCONSCIOUS we don't realize we are even doing it!

This information (energy) we put out then draws to us these lessons that pop up in our day to day life. Many, if not most of our interactions with other beings bring to us signs or signals of what our subconscious is emitting. I am not into politics, and I do not want to make this political whatsoever, but all of our shadows are being brought forth on a global stage to be recognized and repatterned as well. Time for a HARD RESET and resettling.

What are you drawing to yourself? How can you change/repattern what does not feel good or right to you? Are you drawing fear, doubt, guilt or harmony, joy and flow?

We are learning from one another, and clearing these old patterns that we all are HOPEFULLY ready to release so we can consciously co-create a new reality. One full of acceptance, harmony, respect for one another as humans.

As we move to 2020 (so symbolic of 2020 vision and clarity)...what do you want to create? What empowers you? What brings you joy? Release the doubt and old stagnant energy that is no longer serving you.

You are a powerful being. Time to shine your LIGHT!

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