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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Hi! So I am so excited to be launching this website...its only taken me about 5 years to have the courage and willpower to create it.

I wanted a space to host information about my workshops, services and start my own blog (yay!) so I can finally get some of my thoughts out and share with the public, as an educational component has really been calling to me over the last year or so.

I am still currently the owner of VibesUP Winston-Salem and plan on carrying VibesUP products but transitioned to a smaller shop with additional options besides just retail. More to come. I am a huge fan of VibesUP. I fully plan on incorporating all kinds of crystals, gemstones, vibrational healing mats, and aromatics into my services depending on what the clients body calls for at the beginning/during the session.

Until recently, I never had the courage to branch out and offer services to the "public". EEEKK! I am so excited to be pulling together all the knowledge I have about a myriad of energy therapies...from light, sound, color, crystal and especially AROMA :)

I plan on offering a complete sensory experience in my services. I know our bodies are quantum energy at the core. When we offer our "bio-field" specific energetics and frequencies that match an emotion or area of the body that wants to heal...our body can then heal itself.

I want to iterate that I am NOT the one doing the healing...YOU are. Our bodies are intelligent. I just want to offer the space and energetics for your body to tap into its inner knowledge so it can heal itself.

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