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Chakras as Information Processing Centers

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I have always been fascinated by the study of the chakras. They are just one of the many systems that work to define how energy flows through the body. I encourage you to have an open mind about this perception of the "chakras" or wheels of energy that come off the spine. There are also chakras above the body, hands, elbows, and many other places. Energy needs to flow freely through these centers in order to create a coherent/feel good state.

I will talk frequently about how our body is like a biological computer. I feel this is an easy way to describe how energy flows and how information processes. Many people don’t believe they exist or that they don’t have an impact on us, but really it is about how the chakras are quantum energy processing centers both sending AND receiving information from the environment around us. We can’t see wifi signals, but somehow they transfer information that comes up ordered on our computer screen, until their is a “virus” (and they system then goes haywire!). Perhaps visualize them in this manner, we can’t see them but their subtle energies and coding have a deep impact on how our body physically manifests into this reality.

When they are off balance or not functioning in a harmonic way, it can lead to pain, emotional discomfort, digestive issues, mental clarity problems, and many other “symptoms” that we sometimes attribute to other issues outside of the self.

We have 7 main chakras. Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Pineal and Crown. Each one has different endocrine organs (hello hormones) connected to it as well as healing tools that can be used on each area. There is tons of information out on the interwebs about ways to balance/clear/charge each particular center and I plan on talking in future posts about how to use some of these tools.

It is of my belief that memories and emotions are stored in the chakras as well (and in our DNA)...or perhaps the chakras imprint/program some of the information that gets transmitted to our DNA...that “junk” part. This is all speculation, but it is a visual that can be powerful for perceiving how old traumas can eventually create a resonance pattern that leads to physical issues later on in our life.

While these early in life traumas (and perhaps past life traumas) can have an impact on our chakras and

energetic body, I also believe that the chakras are sending information signals OUT to the environment and cosmos around us to DRAW to us situations that we are intended to see in order to HEAL these imbalances. This can happen over and over again until we recognize the patterning to clear. Do you continually draw a situation to yourself over and over? Or a particular person with a specific energy? Another example is a repetitive self-destructing thought that keeps popping up over and over again. Perhaps there is a nugget of information in that situation that will help you clear that OLD patterning or coding.

We live in a very interesting time (as we currently perceive time) on the planet. Old patterns are coming up to clear as we move back to Zero Point. People are waking up and tuning into their bodies on a global scale if they so choose. The energy is here. Keeping in tune with your body and what you are calling into your surroundings creates very powerful clues for you to see what you are running in the background of your programming.

I highly recommend a book title Eastern Body, Western Mind that gets into the psychology and nitty gritty details behind the chakras. It goes in depth about chakra development over our lifetime, various stories/details about how trauma can impact chakra development or under development and tools and strategies useful for balancing and clearing these centers.

Other books I recommend about the chakras:

Healing Hands of Light Barbara Ann Brennan

Chakra Balancing Tools

Chakra Necklace and Tuning Fork Set by VibesUP

Chakra Balancing oils by Scented Blance

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