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FEAR is a low vibration...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I wrote a post on Facebook this morning on my personal page and I had a great response from it, so I wanted to expand on the topic. The post was:

FEAR is a low vibration. Allow it to move through you and OUT. It creates a rippling effect in your auric field and draws to you MORE things to be afraid of.
Instead, recognize it, and move to a high vibration of PEACE and LOVE.
When this happens, and you do it on a regular basis you will draw a more positive experience to yourself and those around you!

Growing up, one word I did know VERY well was fear. I was afraid of everything. Afraid to get in trouble for doing something wrong, afraid of making a B on a test, afraid of what others would think about me, afraid of saying something that someone may take the wrong way, afraid, fearful, anxious, and the like...

As I entered on my journey in my early 20s into energy work, consciousness and exploring laws/theories of manifestation, I began to realize how much of my life had been controlled by "FEAR". When we are in a specific resonance/vibration/emotion, EVERY SINGLE CELL IN OUR BODY is putting off that specific energy or frequency. That "vibe" then trickles out and just like a magnet, calls back to us a reality that will affirm what we are putting out at that time. I kept calling into my space and my life the fear factor. These vortex spirals of negative energy would call to me experience after experience of bad 'ish happening to me as I was doing this unconsciously...bleh!

As I have grown and learned over the years I find I can recognize the fear pattern/control and release it a lot easier vs when I was younger. I am in no way saying I don't enter that fear space at times. Hey, we are all human right? In fact, this is a normal autonomic response to our environment, and sometimes we DO need it for basic survival mechanisms. It is in the conscious recognizing of staying in that fear state that we can find our power and shift to that of a higher where we release the fear and match our body and thoughts to that of a higher vibration, LOVE.

Now I am not the lovey dovey type. Never have been. In fact, on some conscious and unconscious level it made me uncomfortable. I have been working on releasing and opening a space around my heart (the "love" transmitter/receiver) to embrace the sensation or the concept of "love" as a deep connection with all humanity and a basic respect and honor for myself and other beings and their amazing space in the universe :)

When we can shift to this higher frequency, we release the low vibes and begin to emit new higher energies both within our body and cells it draws to us a new reality, and this can happen immediately! Shift your mind, shift your body, shift your reality.

The last 2 months of COVID have taught me A LOT. When it all started, I was DEFINITELY in a fear/panic mode for a couple of weeks. I had to work religiously to ground and center myself. As we progressed, and the veil began to thin, I found that I could identify when I was picking up on that "fear" creeping back in.

Don't feed the fear. We are energy. Fear is an energy. What we feed, we grow. Lets choose something to feel that will benefit the collective and society as a whole, whether JOY, PEACE, COMPASSION, whatever you choose may it bring you to a happy, healthy vibe suited just for you!

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