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Macro to Microcosm at these times...

Okay so I've seen like 1000 theories about what is going down. This is my recent PERSONAL perception on things. I have been reading about mass arrests, 5G, global conspiracies, etc. While I think all of these actually have a little bit of backing, I ask you to look at this from a global macro to microcosm level. I am in no way saying this virus does not exist, that people are not dying, or that frontline workers are not seeing tremendous tragedy. I feel there are just multiple layers playing out here on a collective level.

Time is not linear, it really does not exist in the way we perceive it. We create it to define ourselves, otherwise everything and nothing would exist at all times leading to chaos. We are created from a myriad of energies, frequencies, harmonics that create our dense 3D physical form (on a very basic level) and our brains perceive this dense physical reality, but in actuality it is quite fluid.

Our DNA, like a computer program, holds information. We spit out energy to the quantum field and create our reality around us on a personal level and on a collective level (mass consciousness). Recently we have been pulling out OLD OLD energies (or programs) that have been stored DEEP (think deep state) in the collective "memory" and things are coming to light. From Darkness to Light. Old memories (subconscious) about plagues, dark control (layers and layers), ancient old energetics are acting like charged dust "particles" coming up to be recognized to clear, and release heavy density to move to a new space and time as predicted by our ancestors to create a new planet and new earth. Look at all the exposure over the last month of the system, so much heavy energy moving out! It is amazing!

I have been an avid follower over the years about our DNA and how energy and information flows through it, as well as how cosmic energies from space and the SUN can impact our DNA changing the frequencies and amount of bio-photons our bodies emit. With the recent anomalies in the earth's magnetic field (schumann resonance being very high), weird weather, and weakening of the shielding of the earth by natural or unnatural causes, it will lead to an influx of cosmic and gamma rays.

These influxes of cosmic particles can create many odd sensations and probably (just a hunch) a good bit of sickness in the body as we purge and reprogram. Also, higher levels of DMT and other "psychelic" neurotranmitters will begin to be created endogenously (naturally in the body) as we go back to some ancestral patterning that has been dormant, leading to (possibly) a very trippy reality. As our brains change their chemistry, so does the ability for us to interpret reality on a different (and perhaps) higher level. Energy flows through our body via meridians or nadis, and as these lightlines begin to emit higher energies and frequencies it can lead to a short-circuiting of the system if you are unhealthy. Even those who are pretty healthy and have a clear field will notice a STRONG buzzing, tingling or vibrating sensation running along the body and in the system (notice all the odd symptoms people are reporting?!)

I feel the planets "shadow" or darkness of self-centered consumerism, money hungry, lack of self realization and lack of connectedness to humanity as a whole is coming to head to be seen and cleared. Patterns are starting to change and come UP out of the ancient patterning in all of us. As these patterns change on the physical plane, we begin to see changes on the energetic plane as well and vice versa (macro to micro).We will see changes in the body and Spirit as we actually may as a collective be calling these energies in faster as more are waking up to the falseness of this reality. Brain chemistry changes (as mentioned above) and thus the scalar waves our brains emit begin to call in a new reality (on a personal AND collective level).

Best thing I can see for health and wellbeing is get grounded as much as possible, barefoot on the earth to discharge excess static and energies and to reconnect to natural earth vibes.

Why is it called the "corona" virus (on a higher symbolic level)? Think SUN. (Crown/Chakra)

"something suggesting a crown: such as

(1): a usually colored circle often seen around and close to a luminous body (such as the sun or moon) caused by diffraction produced by suspended droplets or occasionally particles of dust

(2): the tenuous outermost part of the atmosphere of a star (such as the sun)

(3): a circle of light made by the apparent convergence of the streamers of the aurora borealis"

Remember, the Universe/matrix works in signs, symbols and codes above the level of the conscious mind as we live in a multiverse full of unlimited possibilities.

This is such a multifaceted thing...will there be a big "flash" of energy? Who knows? I encourage you to keep an open mind throughout all of this.

I pray every day for friends and family whose lives have been deeply impacted by the health ramifications and economic ramifications of all of these events. Staying positive, releasing stagnant energy and giving ourselves lots of grace and understanding during these times will help all through the process!

Again, these are just musings, take what you like from it...can't wait to see peeps in person soon! Love to all!

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